The mission of the Long Beach Mounted Police, as a non-profit organization, is to provide continued support of the equine world through education and demonstrations of good horsemanship, to participate in parades representing the City of Long Beach and the Long Beach Police Department.  The Long Beach Mounted Police proudly represents the “city by the sea”, home of the Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific. 

Organized in 1935 by a group of businessmen, sportsmen and civic leaders, the troop has participated in international and international parades including two Presidential Inaugural parades in Washington D.C.  Today, our members ride beautiful golden palominos on sterling silver saddles, dressed in colorful western attire reminiscent of the 1940’s cowboy movie era.  In addition to parades, our members volunteer over 8000 hours each year at charitable events, openings, educational events and hospitals as part of our functions with the Long Beach Police Department. 

Educating young people about horsemanship – patience, discipline and “horse sense” – is a common theme for the troop.  Our riders participate at their own expense and always take the time to visit with and educate the public about horses.  One of our most important tasks today is to support the horse world by providing resources through a Scholarship program for serious students entering equine veterinarian programs.  Our most recent scholarship winner is Miss Sylvia Pryor who is now studying veterinary science at the University of California, Davis.  Scholarship applications are available on this site.

Our membership is expanding and we invite you to join us by participating in our representation of the City of Long Beach, and help to expand our scholarship program. Please click on Membership for more information and an application.

Long Beach Mounted Police