Long Beach Mounted Police

Click below to download our scholarship application. 

Applicant Must:


  •  Must be an active student and currently attending a college or university. 

  • Complete an application (attached) along with an official transcript of work completed. 

  • Submit to the Long Beach Mounted Police a 300 word essay describing why you have chosen this career path. 

Long Beach Mounted Police has established a scholarship program to give deserving  veterinary-science candidates financial assistance.  These scholarships are awarded to a student at the college or university level studying in the field of veterinary medicine with an emphasis on large animals.

Scholarships and Education​


Current enrollment in a two year or four year science program with an emphasis on equine care and veterinary science.
Completion of at last 30 units or college work with a grade point average of 2.5 or better.
Demonstration of “need” as defined by the college financial aid office.