Long Beach Mounted Police


If you are interested in joining the Long Beach Mounted Police, the process begins with the application. Members always begin as Associate members. The applicant may choose to become a riding member.                                                     
The applicant goes through an extensive process by the Department of Justice and the Long Beach Police Department. Applicants must pass a background investigation (live-scanned or fingerprinted)  and provide a passport-type picture.  Final approval is by the Long Beach Chief of Police. The process may take several months.

If you are interested in joining, please download the Application and return to the Long Beach Mounted Police, P.O. Box 7951, Long Beach, CA 90807, along with your check for $250.00, which is a one time fee; yearly membership is $175.00.​

Membership Application
Horse Application
Saddle Application

There are 4 levels of membership:

  • Associate
  • Founder
  • Life
  • Honorary

Applicants  membership is completed with approval by the Long Beach Police Department.

All applicants come in as an Associate member. One advances to the next level (Founder) after they have an approved horse and saddle and have ridden in parades for one year with the approved horse and saddle.

All applicants are responsible for purchasing their own silver saddle, tapaderos and accompanying tack, uniforms, hat, gauntlets, gun and gun belt. Keep in mind these items are all tax deductible, check with your accountant.
We are an impressive and amazing group who enjoy representing the City of Long Beach and the Long Beach Police Department locally, in other states, and occasionally in other countries.