Because parading and education are two of the  main functions of the Long Beach Mounted Police, we must have regulations that govern our horses and equipment. The Horse and Equipment Committee must approve all horses, saddles and tack.
The safety of the rider, spectator and horse are of paramount concern.

Horses must be golden palominos with white manes and tails. Members ride American Quarter horses, Foxtrotters, Tennessee Walkers as well as other breeds.
The saddles and tack are all unique works of art decorated with custom-made sterling silver created by artists of the 30’s and 40’s such as Edward H. Bohlin, Visalia Stock Saddle Company, Olsen-Nolte and other renowned craftsmen. They must be black leather with sterling silver on the pommel, cantle and toes of the tapaderos.  The breast collar and bridle also need to be sterling silver on black leather.   A black and white edged corona saddle pad completes this very special look. All blankets under the corona also need to be black.


Long Beach Mounted Police

Riding members are responsible to obtain a sterling silver saddle. Often, a silversmith can add silver to a saddle if it does not meet our standard.

Several of our horses have appeared in parades for many years. One of our horses has appeared in parades for more than 22 years. This might be a record!